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Check out Penny's horses on MSM!


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Quarter-horse "Chevy"


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The Power



After a noisy call from our Cockatiel, this male Spotted Pardalote was found on it's side with an injured leg outside our lounge-room.


A few drops of DMSO and 15 minutes later it was walking again, and flew happily away.


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MSM & Dogs

"Reb has been drinking and eating small amounts today. He has gotten a lot of strength back. You know, his tumour has turned from pink to black and it looks like it has reduced about one third in size."


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As used by the horses of the Victor Harbour

Horse Drawn Tram

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MSM Wholesale


Positive Vibration Academy

Unleash your true potential - have, do and be anything you want...


Methyl Jasmonate

Methyl jasmonate is a substance used in plant defense and is currently being used in cancer research.


Save the Brumbies

Australia has many thousands of wild brumby horses. Slaughtered from air and ground and left to die; tiny foals perish of starvation without their dams. This is the shameful attitude of the Australian Government; it is barbaric and cruel and the carnage continues.


The Horse Herbalist

Plants have been used as the essential ingredient in healing since the beginning of time.

"Angela has been attending to my horses for 5 years... The hair testing is invaluable!"

"The recommendation I was given was to put him down! Since I heard about Angela, the horse is now back in work and attended several shows."


Gum Tree Soap

Try our best-selling Goat’s Milk Soap range and other skin care products. Gum Tree Soap products are handmade, all natural, premium quality, luxurious, affordable, gentle on your skin...and delightful to use.

The Whole Horse

Addressing muscular & skeletal dysfunction in all equine disciplines. Stress point and myofascia release. Laser for tears, sprains strains and tendons.

Penny Grov, Laser Therapist

Servicing Far North QLD

07 4954 0262

0429 610 658



Say NO to Fluoride - FREE

When is industry's toxic waste good enough to drink? When they call it Fluoridation.

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