Fluoride Synergism Effects Leading To Rise In Worldwide Health Problems (Part 1)

Fluoride Synergism Effects Leading To Rise In Worldwide Health Problems
Original article by J. Phelps

This monologue is presented to orient persons, using plain language, to the problems associated with fluorine and fluoride chemicals.
If I were to name one element or one chemical compound that would represent the “Bane of Mans existence on Earth” it would be fluorine or fluoride. Fluorine has caused huge problems for man since the beginning of time due to volcanic effects on Earth. Fluorine or Hydrogen Fluoride released from volcanic events or even meteor terminal events is the principle effect for extinction events on this planet.
Fluoride in the body rises constantly with age and there is even one excellent book named for this effect: “Fluoride The Aging Factor” by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis [ISBN 0-913571-03-2]. Fluoride increases in the bones with age and all the effects of aging leading to immune system dysfunction and death track the retention of fluoride in the human body. Yianouyiannis and others have picked up on this effect. See excerpts of his book: Click Here and Here.
The industrial age has brought on a huge rise in the levels of fluoride in the air, water, and food supplies. Persons like German doctor Waldbott were some of the first to begin to point out the problems of fluoride. One of his books even presents the issue as the Dilemma: “Fluoride The Great Dilemma” by George Waldbott, MD [ISBN 0-87291-097-0] with foreword by Alton Ochsner, MD. Waldbott has this book foreword’d by one of the lead persons on the kill Castro with Cancer methods using SV-40 effects with a trigger of radiation or fluoride. See book excerpts: Waldbott Book.
More recent books speak to the huge cover up of industry and the US Govt. on the issues of fluoride connected to the nuclear bomb and strategic metals processing, see: “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson [ISBN 1-58322-526-9]. Book Review. The health damages due to fluoride releases of these operations were so destructive that the Govt. with industry partners [DuPont, ALCOA, Rockefellers, Kettering Labs of Cincinatti, Oh.] decided to conceal the effects from the public. Kettering Labs is located where the occupation illness center in the US is located and Kettering is funded by the polluters and most all their files on fluoride research are kept locked away from the public. This has lead to extreme levels of abuse toward citizens and their health in the name of attempting to defeat communism. See: Kettering History.
Fluoride has been used as a pesticide for centuries and when looks for the method of which it kills bugs one quickly discovers the mechanism involves the upsetting of trace metal metabolism within cells. In insecticide uses, higher concentrations are applied, but when these same poisons enter the human food chain these same effects happen, only more slowly. Every human on the face of planet Earth is affected by this fluoride effect, some more that others depending on geographic, food consumption, industry, and water pollution. Fluoride is cumulative from even the subtlest levels taken in by human consumption.
The key to understanding the most damaging effect of fluoride is to know about these trace metal upsets that control enzyme repairs and other processes within cells. Upsets in these trace metals occur due to the fact that fluorine is the most electronegative element and when present within the body will cease onto trace metals spontaneously. This effect keeps these trace metals from being able to do their essential uses with the body and cells. This effect leads to rise in cell damages, higher levels of oxidation like damage to DNA, rises in the cytokine levels, loss of immune system tolerance in detection and elimination of varied pathogens, etc.
The problems associated with fluoride don’t stop with the metals-complex issues, as fluoride damage thyroid hormone due to iodine like valence effects, it damages the pineal gland and the melatonin / serotonin hormones, it contributes to arterial plaque, it upsets many of the immune cells like macrophage energy, it associates to heart attacks, kidney damage, and etc. If there were one element that was associated with the God of the Underground, Death, and Hell; it would be fluorine.
Fluoride effects are directly related to loss of IQ in children and the dumbing down of the population that makes them easier to lead. Fluoride effects linked to aluminum are linked to the passage of aluminum across the blood-brain-barrier that is linked with Alzheimer’s effects. Fluorides complex with aluminum to form G-protein like substances that are able to permanently upset cell bonding sites. Fluorides increase the retention of toxic metals in the body and lower the retention of beneficial trace metals, and this is a death keel to essential enzyme processes.
Fluorine was a large factor in the health problems in London due to the “London Fogs” that stemmed from the burning of high fluoride “Sea Coal.” These emissions produced fogs so thick they were called “Pea Soup” and persons had to lead carriages around the streets in broad daylight with lanterns. It is this same area that spawned the problems connected to Jack the Ripper, who appeared to be looking at the health effects of prostitutes connected to these toxic effects. A good book that goes into some of this is: “When Smoke Runs Like Water” by Dr. Devra Davis [ISBN 0-465-01521-1]. See excerpts: Here.
Fluorine began being exposed industrially in the 1930s in the Meuse Valley in Belgium from the emissions of aluminum processes, where it is used as a flux and melting point modifier for aluminum smelting. In the US in 1948, fluoride became a huge issue for the Donora, Pa. air inversion that trapped coal smoke and fluoride vapors from the flux operations of the steel mills there.
In the 40s era Manhattan Project it was a huge problem connected to national security and huge accidents near Buffalo, NY were concealed and problems from DuPont’s Peach Bottoms emissions were the start of huge Govt. sponsored cover ups on the damaging effects of fluorine processes. Fluorine was the only element that led to the lowest temperature gaseous form of uranium compounds.
One can see there formed a Govt. and industry sponsored cover up of the dangers of fluoride that matured into something to make it associated with good for children’s teeth. The truth of this deceptive process is that it put a deadly poison within the reach of nearly every child in America. The deadly truth is there is enough fluoride in one tube of the sweet and flavored toothpaste to kill an adult. Short of doses that kill the fluorides toxic effect robs children of their IQ, robs them of essential trace metals needed to immune health, and leaves them with a lifelong predisposition toward cancers, immune illnesses, and HIV.
When one knows and recognizes the issues of fluorine intake affecting the immune system, then other factors come into view. For example, rodents have long been associated with spreading the Black Plague bacteria in Europe. Most of these outbreaks have occurred correlated with major volcanic events. Rodents like to chew on bones to sharpen their teeth and this also puts high levels of fluorine into their diets. These levels tend to rise after volcanic events and this is associated to the immunity being damaged to the extent that the black plague bacteria are not controlled.
Since rodents have naturally been exposed to much higher levels of fluoride in their food chain due to the bone consumption, this effect has also upset the data derived from their use in medical research. Reference 1 below speaks to the finding of rodents by Wake Forest University with drastically different immune responses to cancer that all previous line of mice used in cancer research. The long isolation of mouse lines in captivity and their being fed low fluoride diets have lead to some of them recovering their immune functions. This basically means that all the data collected with mice has been flawed by the generational damage done by fluoride.
Bone meal fluoride is a huge undisclosed problem. It shows up in cattle fed bone meal leading to the issues of Mad-Cow or BSE. It shows up in gardeners who use bone meal on food they consume who then come down with similar illnesses. And it has shown up in children fed “pablum,” which was made from bone meal.
Natural fluoride effects even upset the reproduction of salmon fish, which must migrate into fresh water with less than the 1ppm fluoride in sea water. Various fish hatcheries have been harmed by fluoride levels of only 0.5 ppm in varied industrial cases.
Fluoride taken into the stomach is converted by the stomach acid to hydrofluoric acid, which is highly absorbed into the body and highly retained. It is a cumulative effect. The effect is most pronounced in rodents that consume bones that highly concentrate fluorine from the environment. The effect highly drives cancer resistance. This effect entered the studies on cancer as a weapon against Castro using SV-40 mutations.
DuPont’s mess made from fluorine not only made an ecological disaster from the Manhattan Project, it went on to wreck the world and even individual children’s young lives. DuPont made the lead for leaded gasoline. DuPont made the fluorine to make the UF-6 used to make the bomb uranium and they made the Teflon used to seal the processes and the Freon used to remove the heat of compression from the gas diffusion process. The Freon would go on to wreck the global environment due to the Fluorine being so close in mass to air that it lingers and builds in the upper atmosphere. Here it absorbs high levels of IR radiation and contributes to global warming and also sequesters hydrogen that adds to the UV-b levels from ionization effects.
The DuPont mess does not end there as the stain resistant compounds like “Scotchguard” is tied to Infant Deaths. Infants tend to burp up stomach contents and this gets onto Scotchguard surfaces of baby mattresses. Here the acid liberates the fluoride used in the stain resistant coating and makes HF, which can cause SIDS. Scotchguard has recently been discontinued due to these effects, in the same way that Freon has been discontinued. DuPont’s Teflon was even seen to break down in cooking applications and poison and kill household birds.
The Manhattan Project is riddled with fluorine problems. The very first deaths connected with the project came from liquid diffusion experiments hitting some water causing a huge explosion and HF release that killed several people. The problems never ceased, as in Oak Ridge they killed a worker named Jack Owens who sat on some “Green Salt” at the Y-12 plant that was wet with HF and he died of a heart attack a few days later. HF has a sudden death effect due to skin absorption effects on the heart. Persons like Paducah’s Joe Harding cleaned out gas diffusion equipment and received HF exposures by crawling around and getting HF into his tendons around knees, elbows, etc. The fluoride hardened his ligaments and these would flake off and look like fingernails coming through his skin. He eventually died of stomach cancer.
Fluoride even has some more sinister uses, as it was used in Russia and in Germany to pacify prisoners. The infamous “Red Trains” of Russia took undesirables to work camps in Siberia. Here the Jewish operators of these camps administered the fluoride to change resistant attitudes. Ironically, Jewish Communist in Russia banned religions due to some of the problems of state within a state effect that religion caused that challenged the power of Governments. Many of these religious dissidents landed in these Jewish operated Siberian prisons and were given the same methods of treatment that Moses dealt to the Egyptians using the alchemical methods of fluoride.

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